Fluffigaste täcket på jorden

Puffy down weight


Truly Fluffy Duvets

The duvets of your dreams

The dream of an incredibly fluffy down duvet. A cloud that keeps your toes toasty and that won't slip down on the floor. A heavy duvet for a deeper sleep and feathery dreams. A fluffy duvet that isn't quilted. A duvet like in an animated movie, or a trip to the Alps from days passed by.
A Happy Fluffy Cloud.  

Our down duvets contain more filling than most other duvets. With a total weight of almost 4,8 kilos, filled with traceable down and feathers from European farms, they are the true heavyweight on the bedding market. They are filled with the traditional composition of 50% goose down and 50% feathers, which absorbs a great deal of air and creates a perfect, fluffy duvet that lies securely and still all through the night, without becoming to warm. All thanks to the altogether natural properties of a high quality down duvet.  


A Natural weight duvet for a deeper sleep

Weighted blankets is a word that is heard more and more frequently lately. In former days, weighted blankets made out of lead were prescribed to patients suffering from nervous system disorders. The pressure against the body creates a safe and embracing sensation, that was considered to releave stress and making it easier to come to peace. It was popularly thought, that weighted blankets stabilize the body and offer deep and undisturbed sleep. A Happy Fluffy Cloud-duvet works as a natural weighted blanket, with a total weight of approximately 4,8 kilos. Compare this with many of the premium brands on the market, whose heaviest duvet weigh less than two kilos.

Down is an estonishing natural insulating material that breathes and transports moisture. Thanks to the down's ability to regulate any temperature, geese are able to keep the same plumage all year round. A down duvet of the highest quality isolates and preserves warmth during those cold, frosty nights, without losing the airy feel.


The benefits of the heavy duvet

Finding the right duvet is an equally important choise for the quality of sleep, as finding the right mattrass. We generally spend a great deal of both time and money in order to find the perfect bed. Yet, many will settle for a duvet made from synthetic materials that actually can suffocate the ability to ventilate the mattrass, that we chose with such care. Choosing the right duvet will increase the lifetime of your bed and make it stay fresh much longer.

Our duvets are made from clean goose down that is naturally dry, which makes for a more pleasant sleeping experience overall. Cheaper brands often use duck down, which contains more fat. The fat will absord the moisture from the body during the night, resulting in a undesirable odor, and will also make your duvet feel stale and lifeless. Goose down, on the other hand, are dry and lets the moisture pass through even the thickest duvet. That way, both your bed and your duvet will remain fresh significantly longer.

Our duvets are machine washable up to 60 degrees Celcius, making them highly suitable for people with allergies, as well as for asthmatics. Many people wrongfully believe that the asthmatic symptoms are caused by down and feathers, when in reality, it's more likely caused by dust mites that have infested your bed. Machine washing the duvet will reduce the dust mites and their allergens. With a Happy Fluffy Cloud everybody, including those who earlier have been avoiding down duvets, will be able to enjoy an authentic down duvet with natural, beneficent properties!


Nature's own weighted blanket provides deep sleep


Weighted blankets have become popular with people with sleep problems. A classic down bolster always weighs a lot because of its design - no channel seams. We therefore dare to promise fluff, warmth and weight: the best of three worlds.


Local production


For us, animal rights are the focus. We follow the rules in the EU closely. All our down comes from animals raised on European farms and eaten. No birds are picked alive. Very little goes to waste. Also read the article Rules for down duvets..


The benefits of the heavy duvet


The long service life of our quality down duvets depends on pre-class raw material. Goose feathers are low in fat and allow moisture much better than eg duck down. It also withstands machine wash 60 degrees which prevents mites. 

Thank you for the trust

Vad våra kunder tycker är förstås det viktigaste. Här några härliga kommentarer som värmer. Stort tack!

Sarah Conventry

United Kingdom, Wales

The Cloud arrived a few days ago. I love it! It really is like a cloud.  I much prefer the way heat/warmth circulates in relation to the body.  And the weight is beautiful, it really hugs you and keeps you still. AND – finally a REAL DUVET you can hide under when the world becomes too overwhelming!  (the psychological angle.) It will be interested to see how my cloud performs in a Welsh winter.

Jessica Lingonstierna

Founder & CEO

Jag är sååå nöjd med mina två täcken jag köpt av er, dom är magiska 😍

Erica Gadd


Det är verkligen ingen överdrift. Det ÄR jordens fluffigaste täcke!!! Jag är helt såld på det. 😍😍😍

Mia EvaDotter Melin


Det är nog det BÄSTA jag gjort, det är som en dröm, dom ÄR verkligen så fluffiga…

Viktoria Holmgren


Världens fluffigaste täcke från @happyfluffycloud och det var som att sova på ett moln 😍


kund med Instagram

Hittat drömtäcket ❤️


kund med Instagram

Fluffigast EVER

Christian Colfach

Överraskad kund

Extremt härligt täcke som är mycket fluffigare än jag kunde tänka mig ett täcke kunde bli!