Happy Fluffy Cloud. The fluffiest duvet on earth. Welcome to our heaven! 

Happy Fluffy Cloud is our vision of a classic alpine down duvet. This means the best possible natural conditions for a good night’s sleep. The duvet has no channel seams. Imagine it as a "sack" with just the perfect amount of filling that does not float around. A Happy Fluffy Cloud hence weighs 4.8 kilos… and THAT is also a part of the experience! A fluffy duvet is airy and heavy at the same time.

Down possesses the best possibilities for perfect warmth. It heats, insulates and ventilates with perfection. A down duvet is something of a thermostat. A blanket from Happy Fluffy Cloud is filled with down and feather from goose only. A goose feather contains less fat than for example duck down, therefore moisture is transported out very quickly and efficiently. So yes - you will most definitely be warm under your fluffy duvet, but rarely sweaty.  Så ja – det är garanterat varmt under flufftäcket men mycket sällan svettigt. 

Ett Happy Fluffy Cloud mäter 155×220 centimeter. Det passar i de flesta vanliga påslakan. Jo faktiskt! Någon decimeter hit eller dit spelar faktiskt ingen roll. Täcket fluffar till sig uppåt och fyller ut, som en jäsande deg. Är ditt påslakan kortare än täcket är det bra med knappar eller knytsnören som stänger till påslakanet. 

A 155x220 centimeter duvet is a lovely fluffy hug for a person to snug under at bedtime. It is also spacious enough for two persons - if not in an argument - to cuddle up under. Perfect!   

Our down comes from farms within the EU that have agreed on tough legislation. It was a prerequisite for us to be able to sleep well at night. 


The global market for down and other animal products is often a dirty business. Animals, humans and nature are ruthlessly exploited for the benefit of economic interests. Our duvets are produced in Europe and contains nothing but down and feathers from Europe. The EU has agreed on some of the world's strictest rules for animal welfare. In Canada and Asia, for example (the largest producers of fur, feathers and down), the laws are more on the side of capital and less on the side of animals. Our down comes from food birds. Taking advantage of all parts is a way to reduce waste and work for a more sustainable system, but also a way to show the way forward for other markets. By not buying animal products from countries with weaker animal welfare, we support the legislation that promotes a healthier view of animal handling. We believe that this is the right way forward, also from an economic perspective. In the future, we hope that all consumers and producers will choose that path.


This is one of our most common questions asked. And yet the answer is still: no we don’t.

Bedding with ten kilos of down, without channel seams is a pretty tough task to perform on a daily routine. Our single blankets have a well-balanced amount of down for their size and it is not entirely obvious that the same weight volume per surface works just as well in a larger blanket. Traditionally, king-sized bolsters were never made. Maybe for a reason? So we hurry slowly. 

With that said, we have customers who have had two single blankets sewn into a double blanket. They are happy.

A down bolster lacks channel seams. This means that the down lies freely in the blanket. In thisway, every down and feather comes to its absolute right. With the right amount of filling, the down still stays in the right place, (it does not cluster at the foot end of your bed). Our blankets weigh 4.8 kilos and have the size 155 x 220 centimeters. We agreed upon that being just the right size and volume. The blanket is so well filled that the down stays in place, but it is not so tightly packed that the quilt loses its softness and is perceived as dense. However, we must be honest and tell you that the quilt should be shaken when you make the bed in the morning. A real shake - so that the down is redistributed, fluffed up and ends up in place - ensures that your bedding is astonishingly fluffy when you re-enter for the night. 

The range of so-called weight blankets is large. A weight blanket in the medical sense can be prescribed by doctors to people with difficulty sleeping, stress symptoms or great anxiety. These contain weights in the form of, for example, chains or weight bands that correspond to about 10% of the patient's body weight. The idea that a heavy blanket calms the body so that the soul has peace is old. In the past, heavy wool blankets were piled on top of those who were ill. 

A blanket from Happy Fluffy Cloud weighs 4.8 kilos and is tall and puffy. You therefore do not wrap yourself in a bolster in the same way as in a blanket or in a thinner down blanket during the night. Sleep under a down pillow is therefore similar to that under a blanket of gravity. The upholstery is still on top, and the body moves less under weight.   

We are talking about bolsters as natural weight blankets. A test project is currently underway where people with sleep problems and anxiety compare the effects of different blankets. A bolster from Happy Fluffy Cloud is part of that study and we will return with the results.

Our duvets can be washed at 60 degrees, which makes them suitable even for those suffering from allergy. By shaking and ventilating your duvet regularly, it stays fresh for a long time. When the quilt is shaken and aired through, down and springs straighten out and regain their elasticity, and the natural properties that make the down quilt unique are optimized. 

After washing, it is important that the blanket is dried properly in a dryer, preferably together with tennis balls. This takes time but it is important that the quilt becomes snuff dry otherwise the down can clump and then the blanket is not fluffy at all anymore.



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