Fluffy duvets

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What makes a fluffy duvet?

A truly fluffy and cloudlike duvet is only made possible if it's not quilted. An open duvet will keep its shape thanks to a generous amount of filling of down and feathers. Organic materials transport moisture and keep their natural elacticity over time, which will keep the duvet airy and fluffy like a cloud for years to come. The fluffiest down comes from geese. Contrary to down from ducks, for instance, the goose down doesn't contain much fat, making the duvet leight and elastic. A duvet that isn't quilted must be filled with a great deal of down and feathers in order to avoid any flat areas during the night. With the right composition and the right amount of filling, the feathers, down and air will work together, making the duvet fluffy, stable and agreeable. A cloudlike down duvet, just as fluffy and dreamlike as in a Disney movie. Läs vidare om vad som gör ett täcke fluffigt. >> 

Do you sleep better underneath a heavy duvet?

Under tyngd, naturmaterial och värme slappnar kroppen av och finner ro. Idag skrivs tyngdtäcken ut på recept för personer med bland annat till stress-symptom, sömnsvårigheter, restless legs eller ADHD.

Underneath a duvet made from organic materials, that offers warmth and pressure, the body relaxes and comes to peace. Within Swedish health care, weight blankets are prescribed to patients suffering from stress-related symptoms, sleep aggravation, restless legs and ADD.

Many testifies to the fact that a heavier duvet makes it easier to fall asleep and enhances the quality of sleep. A heavier duvet leads to less movement during the sleep, contributing to a more even sleep. Underneath a heavy down duvet you lie secure and stable, working like a pretecting layer. A well stuffed down duvet should weigh at least 4 kilos. That's approximately twice the weight, compared to a ”normal” down duvet of premium quality. Unlike weight blankets, a down duvet offers natural weight, and you avoid having the sensation of sleeping underneath hard weighted strips of steal. Underneath a fluffy and stable down duvet you receive all the benefits of a weight blanket, in addition to the wunderful experience of perfect temperature and cloudlike fluffiness. Läs vidare om fördelarna med ett tyngre täcke. >>

Rules concerning down for a fluffy duvet

The EU has strict laws when it comes to animal breeding for down production. The prevention of cruelty to animals consists of a framework concerning animal breeding, handling and transport, and also forbids any live-plucking. Each member of the EU has signed these documents that bounds them to follow these laws. Asian countries have their own framework concerning these matters, and are generally inferior when it comes to animal welfare.

Canada has consistently refused to sign any documents in accordance with the guidelines of the EU, and therefore, has a more vaguely formed attitude concerning animal rights. In most cases, down and feathers are collected from birds that primarily are raised to be eaten. That way, it's possible to make use of the entire bird. In order for a producer to be able to guarantee that the product is produced in accordance with European ethical animal welfare, the down must be traceable from European farms. The European Food Safety Authority is responsible of controlling that the legislation is complied with. Läs vidare om regler för dun. >>