Our story

The Tale of Happy Fluffy Cloud all began with a group of three daydreaming friends. We all shared a vision of finding a wonderfully fluffy, and incredibly downy duvet, unlike anything else out there. Being able to simply nestle down under a fluffy cloud, like in a animated movie. We reminisced about those nostalgic trips to the Alps in the 80's, tucked up in bed under crisp linens, looking up at rustic cealing beams, with the snow piling up on the window sills. And last but not least, those clowdlike, heavy feather beds keeping you warm throughout the night. They were real, weren't they?

They sure were! Happy Fluffy Cloud is exactly that: the fluffiest duvet on Earth. Through winding roads in the Alps and thorough research, we were able to hunt them down: the duvet of our dreams. Here is how it all happended:

We quickly realized that we hardly were the only ones daydreaming about these duvets. We decided then and there to scrutinize both the existing selection of duvets, as well as the possibilites of making our own. Back home, we could only find quilted duvets, and even the thickest duvets appeared like pancakes, compared to the fluffy cloud we had in mind. Our search continued abroad, focusing on local manufacturers in areas around the Alps. There we found them: the feather beds, exactly like we remembered them! Big, heavy, fluffy duvets with extraordinary properties.

Through the course of our journey, we've also learned a great deal about down duvets. The most important aspect for us has always been animal welfare. The down and feathers in our duvets is solely derived from European birds raised to be eaten, all in accordance with the animal protection laws of the EU. That means that no live-plucking is allowed, and that we're able to make use of the down that otherwise would go to waste.

We have also compared numerous compositions of down and feathers, resulting in what we think offers the ideal balance between weight and temperature. Together with the textile mills, we have discussed how the thread count affects the properties of the duvet. The moisture must be able to be transported out through the filling, without having small, thorny feathers sticking out of the fabric.

At last, we were content and proud of our fluffy, dreamlike duvet – Happy Fluffy Cloud. A fluffy cloud made out of down that recreates our bubble gum-scented memories from the Alps, that we hope will offer new, marvellous dreams to others. We've truly captured a cloud!

Sweet dreams,
Anna, Philip and Stina